Down, Looking Up

UPDATE: Glen Goyne going gone!!  Only my brother and perhaps my niece will know what that means to me.  I AM HAPPY TO SAY THIS PAINTING HAS FOUND A NEW HOME!  Acrylic on canvas 24”x36” by Susan Feniak.  This painting is of a photo taken by Susan while walking the Sicamous Nature Trail.  Another beautiful fall day!  And yes the trees really are that gnarly.


7 Comments on “Down, Looking Up”

  1. Your painting is beautiful, and I am glad to hear that it found a loving and appreciative home!
    I took a photo last year and called my accompanying poem: “Where Up Meets Down”….Which is kind of like Down Looking Up, but not! 🙂
    My mom was an artist (oil paints), but I simply do not have the same artistic talent. Everything I try to draw or paint, ends up looking a wee bit like a preschooler did it. So, I just take photos and leave it at that!


  2. Jess says:

    What a great painting!


  3. bwhartwork says:

    Oh I like this, this is so nice…I love the point of view; Great job!


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