Anchored at Hermits Bay

Acrylic on canvas 16”x20” original art by Susan Feniak

Its back to painting one of my favourite subjects.  Boating on the Shuswap.  This is my interpretation of a photo I took last summer while anchored quietly and securely with great friends.  It is actually the same weekend and probably the same day as the photo I took for my painting “Light in Play at Hermits Bay”.  This is the view from up that same hill looking back at our little haven on the lake.

The two boats have been plying the waters of the Shuswap for years.  As silly as this may sound sometimes it seems they have become friends as well.

Certainly glad I take a lot of photos while we are out on the water.  They give me inspiration and provide me with very fond memories.

Grateful that I cannot forget summer will soon return!

Please enjoy!  This painting is available for sale.

Painting Anchored at Hermits Bay

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