Eagle River Bend

Original art by Susan Feniak  acrylic on canvas 20” x 24’’
Unframed asking price $175.00
I like to think I am developing my own style of painting.  Being picture perfect isn’t the goal.  Eagle River Bend is my latest attempt.  Whether it is the correct or the right way to paint a landscape picture I have no idea.  Being untrained I rely on my eye and my gut.  Hopefully it is pleasing enough to gaze at for my followers and viewers alike.

It was my husbands idea to name the painting “Eagle River Bend”.  I was going to call it Eagle River Autumn.  The river certainly bends, winds, twists, and curves its way threw the Eagle valley.  So “Bend” is appropriate.  This bend is near the Sicamous Nature Trail and if memory serves it was a particularly lovely autumn day.

This painting like the rest is available for sale.  I know a certain artist that would appreciate any comment or critique the viewer may have to offer.

Thank you for taking the time to look!  Susan


13 Comments on “Eagle River Bend”

  1. asiapasek says:

    wonderful paintings! this is my favourite. I’d like to follow this river.


  2. I love the scene and the composition. That said, I feel the value of the background ( mid value is too close to the value of the leave (mid value but lighter). Te result is a certain amt. of visual confusion. I would, next time, go for darker background and lighter leaves, regardless of their natural value.. Ignore other reference and remember that value contrast is what often makes a painting work.


  3. Kathryn Smith says:

    Hi Susan, This is a great painting. You don’t have to be trained to be good, just follow your heart. I really like your “Garden Hearts” as well, kind of partial the flowers.


  4. violetski says:

    This is beautiful Susan! Love river that has movement in painting❤


  5. Karen Oliver says:

    Hi Susan
    My brother has a place on Silver Sands Rd and I recognized your painting right away. It certainly feels like fall, love the colours and peacefulness of the river. Well done!


  6. doronart says:

    I like it very much and could easily settle in this beautiful spot… haaa but what about those eagles.. I am sure they are friendly. You painted it beautifully!


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