By Request

I have been asked to post a comparison.  One between my latest painting “Remember Rendevous”  and a painting I did way back when I first started.  At first I wasn’t willing to share.  No bravery on my part but here it is.  Hopefully its obvious which painting is which.  I do believe there has been some improvement in my efforts over the past couple of years.  Considering I am self taught and all.

Right now I haven’t got any new work on the easel.  I know some inspiration will come along soon!  Ideas are rumbling around in my head.

Less rain and warmer weather will help.  The impending boating season should too.

Here is hoping you think I have been improving.

Cheers, Susan


11 Comments on “By Request”

  1. Susan, I loved seeing both of them together. Thanks for sharing. They are both valid because you put your heart and soul into each. I don’t think it matters really if one is more realistic than the other. Even primitive art has a power (even more so sometimes).


    • sefeniak says:

      Thanks! Its still all about the learning curve. Considering I am untrained I do think I have learned along the way with every piece. And I am having fun!  One can’t beat that!  I admire what you do, it is inspiring me.


      • I am glad. I am also self taught ( I did study a bit at art school but never got a degree and it was sculpture not painting). My degree was in biology. I think all that matters is that you keep doing what you love. And having fun is the goal as far as I am concerned.


      • sefeniak says:

        Having fun is the main goal! I am with you on that one!


  2. Thanks for sharing! I love how far you have come. I have looked at some of my earlier works that I thought were great, and had a good laugh at myself…(-:

    Love what you are doing now!


  3. Karen Oliver says:

    Hi Susan
    I understand your bravery as it is so hard to put yourself out there for people’s comments. Non artists have the most opinions and less idea of the journey to get where you are. You have come a long way in respect to confidence…you now have bold use of value, color and shapes!


  4. doronart says:

    Susan, amazing! although I like your first also, you can clearly see what improvement you had. They say that practice makes better, you certainly did.


    • sefeniak says:

      Thank you Doron! I think better brushes and paints have helped as well. I will keep practicing.


      • doronart says:

        Yes we never stop practicing while enjoying what we do. Beyond doubt we all manage to pick up few tips along the way and some better tools by listening and watching experience artists. It is great to see how very similar paintings results within a couple of years are different and it is nice to view the developement. Well done great work.


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