Country Lane

Original painting by Susan Feniak  acrylic on 20” x 24” canvas

Unframed-asking price $150.00

Recently I found a photo in a magazine that really caught my eye.  The picture seemed so calm, cool and relaxing.  I just had to paint the scene.  Here is my rendition of that photo.  I hope I have managed to capture the same serene feeling the photo held.  If nothing else perhaps it is a nice country scene and all can enjoy it as much as I.

As per usual this painting is for sale and your comments are welcome.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my art.  Susan Feniak


Also, I will give credit to the original photographer.  I believe that to be a Andreas Trauttmansdorff.

21 Comments on “Country Lane”

  1. This is beautiful Susan. I want to walk down the lane.


  2. Jess says:

    This is lovely. You’ve used such beautiful shades of green!


  3. Lovely painting, Susan. I love that surprise of blue peeking out!


  4. Madesa says:

    Oh my gosh..this is so beautiful! I have a feeling that someone is waiting for me to arrive and I just walked down this path to him. The blue house enhances this feeling for me. When you are tired and just want to go home to your place of peace..this is what this painting means to me. 🙂


  5. Carol King says:

    I would love to be walking down that lane. It looks peaceful, but I always wonder what’s at the end of the road?


  6. lesliepaints says:

    Peaceful but also a reminder of how those trees would offer cool shade on a hot day. That feeling accentuated by a blue barn instead of red. Good painting, Susan.


  7. Nuno says:

    Yeah, calm and relaxing 🙂

    Very nice!


  8. doronart says:

    Susan amazing painting you got the perspective so good and the trees leading to this beautiful blue shade deep in very good.


  9. artscottnet says:

    This is very beautiful, I love it! I like the ‘mist’ in the far background, creating depth, and all the detail on the leaves. The foreground leaves are especially brilliant. I can hear the birds singing and the leaves rustling in the breeze and, while I’m not sure why, can smell homemade bread and pie! Sorry if my smelling and hearing seems odd, it’s not ‘being silly’, it’s just that when I see an image, geometric shape, etc. that I really like, I start smelling and hearing things (don’t know why). Well done, Susan, it’s brilliant


    • sefeniak says:

      Wow! Thanks Scott! That is high praise indeed. I hear and understand everything you are saying (writing). I felt the same way when I saw the original image. To me that would mean I was successful in my rendition.


  10. annedesign says:

    It’s a lovely scene, so lush and green!


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