Good Morning Rendevous!

Original art by Susan Feniak  acrylic on 18” x 24” box canvas

If you can imagine waking up to this view in the morning then you will understand why I love boating on the Shuswap.  This particular morning was extraordinary.  The lake was calm and the reflections were inspiring.  Rendevous, a marine park on the Anstey Arm of Shuswap Lake, is one of our favourite places to wake up at.  Spending several days anchored there is better yet!

A welcoming scene on this November day.

This painting is for sale and is offered at $150.00 plus shipping.


8 Comments on “Good Morning Rendevous!”

  1. doronart says:

    Great Susan and the reflaction is superb welcome back painting. All composition is real well done.


  2. violetski says:

    Beautiful Susan!
    I feel fresh air❤️


  3. lesliepaints says:

    Beautiful scene, Susan. I can smell those pines. …and that water sure looks clean compared to what I view in Indiana most of the time.


  4. Looks just like it … nicely done Susan.


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