Shuswap Shore

Original art by Susan Feniak  acrylic on 18” x 24” box canvas


NO LONGER AVAILABLE Every year after spring run off the shore line of Shuswap Lake is left littered with driftwood.  I came across this interesting arrangement of debris late last spring after the high water had receded.  For interest sake I should mention the spring snow melt is what causes the lake level to rise.  Most years it rises fifteen feet or more.  Entire trees bob around the lake until they find a final resting place on the Shuswap Shore.

This painting is offered for sale.  The asking price is $150.00 plus shipping.

6 Comments on “Shuswap Shore”

  1. cynt5525 says:

    I love your Painting!!! Thank You for liking my Painting!!! 🙂 *Cynthia


  2. Carol King says:

    Hi Susan, I love the composition and textures in this painting.


  3. lesliepaints says:

    The driftwood does make for an interesting foreground. I think driftwood, in and of itself, would make interesting subject matter. Your painting makes me want to see the Shuswap.


    • sefeniak says:

      Thank you Leslie! I am lucky to live in a place that people want to visit! It is a beautiful area.
      Yes, someday I will have to paint just the driftwood but this scene in its entirety caught my eye. The sky and the water are not exact!!


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