With this photo I am attempting to explain why there hasn’t been any new art posted by me on this blog for a long time.  There hasn’t been enough hours in my day!  Please allow me to introduce you to our new lady, “Life Line”.  Hopefully I will be inspired and there will be time enough to get back to my easel soon.  Looking at this photo my fingers are twitching.  Longing to use a paint brush!

Don’t forget to go to the Summer Arts and Crafts Sale at the Red Barn in Sicamous, June 27th to July 2nd 2014.  I will have four of my paintings on display there.

Cheers, Susan


6 Comments on ““Lifeline””

  1. Mary says:

    Lovely scene Susan, I could spend my summer very easily enjoying this spot of paradise. Looking forward to when we get to see new paintings.


  2. tomsimard says:

    Beautiful boat -perfect to enjoy your summer with.


  3. Kathi King says:

    Nice boat. I can see what you have been up to…I have been away for about a month and my fingers have been twitching to paint, so I am back at it….it feels good….waiting to see what you will paint next…


    • sefeniak says:

      Thank you Kathi! Finding the time is the issue. We have been redoing our landscaping. Plus work seems to be getting in the way. Spending time on the new boat is the biggest culprit!!


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