Lazy DL

Original art by Susan Feniak  framed acrylic on small canvas and a sketch in water color based on a photo.

Recently we were invited to a party that celebrated a couples joint 60th Birthday, 40th Wedding Anniversary and their retirement.  Since it is impossible to find a greeting card that includes all those celebrations in one I decided to make them a card.  We go boating together so I felt the perfect subject would be a painting of their boat “Lazy D L”.  I only had a small photo to go by so the magnifying glass had to be brought out. Then what started as a card ended up as a 4” x 6” small painting on canvas that I then framed and wrapped up for them.  I do hope they like it.  We certainly enjoyed the party! A gift so NFS



7 Comments on “Lazy DL”

  1. violetski says:

    What a wonderful gift, dear Susan!
    Beautiful ❤️

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  2. Mary says:

    They will not only “love it,” but will always treasure a special painting and the meaning from you. What a wonderful gift.


  3. Thank you for following and opening the door to your world. Eddie

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  4. lesliepaints says:

    What a great gift! Happy birthday, anniversary and retirement to your friends! 🙂

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