National Orchid Day #doodlewashaday

April 16th Is National Orchid Day!  Here I have doodlewashed a white Phalaenopsis.  Being a retired or X florist I used to love working with orchids in bridal bouquets.  For many years there was always one growing and blooming in my kitchen.  Lately I have noticed orchids have become very popular and I am seeing them every where and in varied colors.  Not such a bad thing as they last for ages and make wonderful cut flowers.  I hope you are enjoying your weekend!  Cheers, Susan

#doodlewashaday is credited to Charlie O’Shields over at


25 Comments on “National Orchid Day #doodlewashaday”

  1. I love your line work Susan! I have bought several orchids over the years….not a single one survives!

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  2. Teri C says:

    Beautiful! I love seeing them in the store (cuz I know I can’t grow them)

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  3. memadtwo says:

    Can flowers look happy? These do! (K)

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  4. Beautiful Susan! I love Orchids and I always have a plant mine now is without flowers I hope it will! Beautiful colors on your doodlewash! 😉

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  5. Beautiful orchid, Susan! We’ve not had much luck growing them so I’ll just enjoy yours. 🙂

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  6. These are beautiful, Susan!! Very nicely done. And the color of the pot is awesome… it’s almost shimmering and glowing. Gorgeous! 😍

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  7. …how lovely. I used to belong to an orchid society and had quite a number on the go. Now I have two phalaenopsis which are no trouble to care for (they only run into trouble when cared for too much!) You have captured their lovely shapes so well.

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  8. Carol says:

    Pretty! Happy weekend to you!

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