#DoodlewashDinner May 5th

Here we are again, sitting down to dinner at our house.  In my quest to introduce more fish into our diet let me introduce you to ground salmon wrapped with a fillet of sole. Garnished with fresh dill and parsley from our herb pot.   I have also made you some rice pilaf and broccoli.  Please help yourself to the salad.  Cheers!  Oh darn I have forgotten the fresh lemon wedges.  Pardon me while I go get them!

#DoodlewashDinner  was painted on Opus Essentials Sketchbook paper with Neocolor II and Mungyo Watercolor crayons by Susan Feniak


26 Comments on “#DoodlewashDinner May 5th”

  1. debiriley says:

    lovely design and use of color harmony Susan!! cheers, Debi

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  2. I love the sketch, the story and of course the dinner! I’m sort of a part-time-vegetarian, but when there is yummy fish you can see me turn into some greedy fish-eater, your meal sounds perfect :-]]

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  3. Jill Kuhn says:

    Thanks for the smile, Susan! Love how you added a dash of humor! Looks delish! 😄

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  4. Painting for Joy says:

    Awesome Susan. You sound like a great cook! Loving this month of sketches around food!

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  5. memadtwo says:

    A month of dinners! It will be a nice record for you to look back on. Are you being more healthy because you are documenting it? (K)

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    • Susan Feniak says:

      No Kerfe, we have been trying to get healthy for awhile now. Without much success. It’s an ongoing thing. I have limited time too it won’t be a month of dinners. Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated.

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  6. Teri C says:

    I love how you wrote this. So entertaining plus the great meal.

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  7. Love those blues! Now I’m not so hungry (I only really love dessert lol). Nice job, Susan!

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  8. Oh how sweet beautiful setting and I love the blue is a cool color and is calming! Great healthy food! Well done Susan! ❤

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  9. hehe… that’s so yummy! I’m with Carol… love those blues… pretty dining set ya got there. Nicely doodlewashed! 😍And sounds so good!!

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    • Susan Feniak says:

      Thank you Charlie! It was yummy. If you only knew how much blue dinner ware stuff was around here. I don’t know how my husband puts up with it. Hehe!! It helps that I cook and he gets to eat. LOL

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  10. Carol says:

    What a pretty blue place setting created by a lovely artist 😀

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  11. lol! Yes, please I love a bit of fresh squeezed lemon with my fish. 🙂 I really like the glasses and how well you get both sides to match and curve the same. I have the hardest time with that! I also like your color palette!

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