#NatureDoodlewash Butterfly

June 9th   Today I have decided to stay closer to home and go for a walk in the garden.  I inspect all my flowers and shrubs and make sure they are thriving in this heat wave.  To my great joy and wonder a butterfly stops by for a visit.   Flitting from flower to bud.  Hardly stopping long enough for me to see  its shape and colors.  How can I remember how to draw that?  If only my butterfly bush had survived the winter, then maybe my visitor would have stayed longer.

#NatureDoodlewash  A combination of Staedtler Watercolour Pencils and Neocolor II Caran D’Ache on Opus Essentials Sketchbook paper.  Original art by Susan Feniak

If you want to join in on the #NatureDoodlewash walks and hikes stop by Charlie O’Shields at doodlewash.wordpress.com and see what is happening.


22 Comments on “#NatureDoodlewash Butterfly”

  1. anniedrawsthings says:

    What a lovely butterfly and flower! They go really nicely together. ❤

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  2. Jill Kuhn says:

    Lovely butterfly, Susan! 😃 Butterflies make me happy too! 😍

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  3. This is lovely, Susan!! 😃💕 Still haven’t seen many butterflies yet. Hope they’ll show up here soon!

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  4. Beautiful butterfly and bloom! Great splatter too, Susan!

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  5. That butterfly wanted to be painted and you did a lovely job; I like the swirls on the end of its wings.

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  6. Sharon Mann says:

    A beautiful summer drawing, Susan.

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  7. memadtwo says:

    A swallowtail! What a nice visitor. (K)

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  8. Lovely Susan and I love butterflies! 😉 ❤

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  9. Teri C says:

    Pretty butterfly.

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  10. Carol says:

    Sweet and whimsical!


  11. Oh you did a wonderful job on your butterfly despite only seeing it briefly!

    I cut back my Lantana pretty hard last fall, and worried that I had over done it and the Butterflies wouldn’t come back if the plant didn’t grow back in time, but it’s coming back and has flowers! I’ve seen Skippers, but no Fritilaries sp? yet. Fingers crossed they come back too!

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  12. Jodi says:

    beautiful – I’m waiting for the butterflies! 🙂

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