#NatureDoodlewash Sand Dollar

June 15  Today we will go for another walk along the sea shore.  No we are not going to the Caribbean today.  Instead we are going to a beach on the west coast of British Columbia.  There is lots to see here too.  Natures beauty abounds.  Perchance we will come across a sand dollar.  A sand dollar is a burrowing form of a flat sea urchin.  Did you know if you find one they are good luck?  Today we have come across one that has washed up along the shore and has turned white.  A live sand dollar will be darker, brownish black or purple.  So we can pick this one up and take it home.  A lovely memory from our walk today.

#NatureDoodlewash  on Strathmore Water Color 8.5” x 5.5” paper with Staedtler Watercolour Pencils, Elegant writer and Holbein Artists’ Water Color.  Original art By Susan Feniak


18 Comments on “#NatureDoodlewash Sand Dollar”

  1. Tom Merriman says:

    Nice, Susan. I’ve never heard of a sand dollar before!

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  2. Oh I love finding money on the beach…..now just need to find a purse to put it in! 😉….maybe a mermaid has left one behind? I love this sketch, very nicely done.

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  3. Very nice sketch! And I learned that there is a creature called sand dollar:-]]

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  4. Teri C says:

    Love this sand dollar. So many treasures to be found on the beach

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  5. memadtwo says:

    I like that we are spending so much time at the beach…I’ve never found more than pieces of a sand dollar, but they are pretty cool. (K)

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  6. Jodi says:

    Yay for walks on the beach and beautiful art!

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  7. Wow… i really like this one. Might be my new favorite! Love the detail and patterning. Beautiful!

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  8. Carol says:

    Susan, I am working on a sand dollar for next week! Yours looks great and I love the composition of things behind and around it! Very nice 😍

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  9. Oh, the beach scenes! Love! ❤

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