Scene From Our Aft Deck

Happy Fathers Day!!

Another scene from the aft deck of our boat.  Another weekend spent.  This time I share with you a glimpse of our dingy and a look over at the funkiest little angular houseboat you have ever seen.  A challenge to draw.  Why not?

Koi watercolours on Moleskine original art by Susan Feniak


11 Comments on “Scene From Our Aft Deck”

  1. Definitely drawing what’s in front – or rather, behind! – you!!! Love it

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  2. This isn’t easy, but you’re doing brilliantly with these lines and perspective!

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  3. Painting for Joy says:

    Awesome job. I haven’t tried to depict boats too much. You do it well Susan. Hope you had a fun day!

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  4. Nicely done! Wow…not an easy angle and subject but you did it marvelously! Now I want to be on a boat!!

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  5. Tom Merriman says:

    Why not indeed, Susan! 😀


  6. I love all the shapes packed in. Challenging, but fruitful

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