#WorldWatercolorMonth July 24 Drawing and Painting What is in Front of Me!

IMG_20160724_135806#WorldWatercolorMonth July 24 Drawing and Painting What is in Front of Me!  A ceramic silver tone shell and a silver tone metallic cloche.  Its been rush hour all day around here so catching up after our weekend has even been a challenge.  For that I apologize.  Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday.  Cheers.  PEACE

#WorldWatercolorMonth Original art by Susan Feniak  Holbein Artists’ Water color on Canson Mix Media paper.

12 Comments on “#WorldWatercolorMonth July 24 Drawing and Painting What is in Front of Me!”

  1. Jodi says:

    lovely susan!

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  2. Boy it’s hard finding time sometimes. Thanks for sharing, Susan. ❤

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  3. Well done, I think we are all finding a little time harder to find. But I love the idea of sitting down and just painting what’s in front of you 😀

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  4. So good you found a little time for this nice little painting:-)

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  5. I love what’s in front of you! Nice! And lovely painting of it!

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  6. Carol says:

    Lovely work, Susan. I am glad you found a few moments to create despite the busyness of the day 🙂

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