#WorldWatercolorMonth #SelfieArt Day July 25

IMG_20160725_085339#WorldWatercolorMonth and #SelfieArt Day  July 25  So here I am being brave again!  Not only have I tackled a selfie but I am showing myself swimming!  Of course it helps I am in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean.  Grand Turks Caicos.  By now all of you should know I love the water.  Whether it is some far away winter escape or here on the sunny shores of the Shuswap.  Most photos of me involve the water some where.  So why not paintings too?

#WorldWatercolorMonth and #SelfieArt Day  original art by Susan Feniak  Holdbein Artists’ Water color on Canson Mix Media paper.

23 Comments on “#WorldWatercolorMonth #SelfieArt Day July 25”

  1. Hey Susan, I’ve not been reading blogs so missed your entry…will add it now! x

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  2. I like this selfie a lot and you really look happy it the water!

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  3. Beautiful job and brave woman! My selfies will never see the Internet, no sirree lol. I try to avoid doing them as much as possible. You do look so happy to be in the water!

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  4. memadtwo says:

    Wonderful! And yes, I’m a great believer in always taking a few years off in my self portraits. (K)

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  5. Brilliant, I had no idea it was selfie day, I kept seeing self portrait So?? No engaged brain!

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  6. Awesome selfie!! I really love this one! Wonderful expression!

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  7. Teri C says:

    Yes, you look very at home in the water. Nice selfie. Is your hair really red?

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