“Watermelon ” #WorldWatercolorGroup 

June 18th and the prompt Watermelon brought back memories.  Our kids never did take a liking to melons. Given a choice I would prefer Musk melons or cantaloupe. So I understood.  Honeydew melons are yummy too. Quickly done but original art by Susan Feniak. QOR water color on Strathmore Paper.  6″×6″

4 Comments on ““Watermelon ” #WorldWatercolorGroup ”

  1. Carol says:

    Looks as delicious as the watermelon that I actually ate today. I think it would be extra special juicy if it were in a blue plate 😉

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  2. jmnowak says:

    I never liked all those seeds! But, we now have seedless, so I indulge occasionally. Lively painting. 🍉

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