I can imagine grabbing onto that rope, swing out over the water, and jump! How exhilarating! I better wait until summer to have a go. You are never too old to have a little fun. Artist Susan Feniak. Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors on Fabriano cold press paper. 8″×10″.

4 Comments on ““Beckoning””

  1. That brings back memories! There was a rope swing with a log at a lake I used to camp at every summer that I would use. It was so much fun. My oldest had the opportunity to use, but not my youngest. They fenced off the place. I suspect something not good was happening that led to that. 😦

    I love the leaves and the red seat. Thanks for the memories!

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  2. Jodi says:

    love all your detailed drawing in this mix of beautiful watercolor!

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