Rocky Shore 2

Rocky Shore 2 or Rocky Point. I had so much fun with my first version I decided to do a frame-able one. I do need to have some art ready to take to Three Buoys marina. Once again they have been kind enough to offer me space to sale and show my art this summer. Artist Susan Feniak. Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors and QoR watercolor on Fabriano cold press paper. Gouache and Pixma Micron ink.8″×10″

4 Comments on “Rocky Shore 2”

  1. Jill Kuhn says:

    Susan, I really like this one! I’d love to purchase it from you! Could you private message me on Facebook and let me know your price. And of course include shipping costs. I’d love to have your art hanging on my wall. ⚓️ Cheers!

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  2. That’s lovely!

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