More World Watercolor Month 2018

World Watercolor Month 2018 continues but we are almost to the end of 31 paintings in the 31 days of July. Here is a few more of my pieces. I am pleased to say I still haven’t missed a day and there is only one more to go!

12 Comments on “More World Watercolor Month 2018”

  1. Nice pictures, I really like your flowers study, they look like botanical illustrations.

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  2. I was mesmerised by the goldfish with their mouths reminding me of a Edvard Munch scream! And also very taken with that coy, know-all looking pelican!


  3. These are wonderful, Susan! 😍And yay to not missing a day! That’s awesome!


  4. Carol says:

    Love those frilly fish – and relaxing on a float with a cool drink too. This is the first time I’ve participated the entire 31 days of WWCM; Congrats to you on accomplishing it as well!! 🎨


    • Susan Feniak says:

      Congratulations to you Carol. I have participated all three years so far but this is the first time I have done a painting all 31 days! It is fun. I have really enjoyed seeing all of your watercolors this month.

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  5. These are great! I love your fish, and Thistle Susan.


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