Revised “Clean Up Crew”

After a critique I revised my painting “Clean Up Crew”. It was suggested that the waves were weak on the right so I improved them. I redefined the sky and added more birds for more interest. I think the lighting is improved on the sky, land and water near the land. Although she will most likely never see my efforts I would hope it holds her interest for longer the a few seconds. Enjoy your weekend friends. Cheers Susan

7 Comments on “Revised “Clean Up Crew””

  1. Its nice how the seagulls form almost a line following the wake of the boat.

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  2. memadtwo says:

    I love the way the birds are rising out of the water. (K)

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  3. inaloveworld says:

    It is so Beautiful … From my point of view, nobody should critique this kind of work, for nobody feels what you feel when painting, and see what and how you see. You express Yourself, no others’ feelings! Thank you for sharing!

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    • Susan Feniak says:

      Thank you. Yes I try to express myself in every painting but sometimes a few pointers can help bring out the best in oneself. In this case I think the asked for advice seems to have helped. With that being said I had wanted to fix the waves before the advice was given. Feeling good now.

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  4. Nancy Sapp says:

    I think it’s all GREAT!, Susan! I’ve seen the birds do this after our small boat goes along the rivers or backwaters here in IL. I guess the boat motor stirs up fish in the wake?

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    • Susan Feniak says:

      Thank you Nancy. This painting is based on a childhood memory. Riding on BC ferries. In those days the kitchen staff were still allowed to throw food scraps off the stern of the ferry. The gulls enjoyed a feast.


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