“High Water Sweepers”

High Water Sweepers

High Water Sweepers. Artist Susan Feniak. Golden Artist Acrylics on a 18″ x 24″ gallery canvas. Purely from my imagination this scene could easily be along the Eagle River. The river is situated in the Shuswap Lake area of British Columbia. Sweepers are a danger to all river traffic. In particular kayaker’s and stand up paddle boarders. A person can easily get entangled in the hidden snares and snags of branches and roots. Sweepers are prevalent particularly this time of year during run off season and high water levels. Or like on a rainy day like today. As for my painting I am hoping it leaves the viewer relaxed and the natural beauty of the surroundings enjoyed. Cheers Susan Feniak. This painting is framed and at Three Buoys Marina in Sicamous. Asking $275. Oh and I do hope you notice the wild roses are in bloom.

To contact Susan please email sfeniakart@gmail.com

8 Comments on ““High Water Sweepers””

  1. Nice painting, I really like how you captured the water and the trees.

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  2. Jodi says:


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  3. Tom says:

    Hi Susan, I really love this one! So much detail and quite dramatic. I had to double-check for the roses though… but they are definitely there! πŸ˜€

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  4. Art Snehal says:

    Loved the depth in this one, trees, various greens and blues of water.

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