World Watercolor Month Day 2

World Watercolor Month 2020 Day 2 prompt “Texture”. Meet Camilla Camel. She thinks that she has lots of texture. Soft, fuzzy, frizzy, furry, prickly, lumpy, bumpy and yes humpy. (she thinks humpy is a word) Artist Susan Feniak. QoR watercolors on Strathmore card stock. This year I am going to try and make a card everyday for this celebration of watercolors. To learn more about World Watercolor Month visit

To contact Susan please email

15 Comments on “World Watercolor Month Day 2”

  1. Sunnyfae says:

    Love your little camel, especially the hairy bits πŸ™‚

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  2. jofox2108 says:

    Oh he is lovely!!!

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  3. Nice Cammel, she almost looks like a Mammalian version of an Ostrich. I really like how you added the hair texture on the face, and her big black eyes. Also good glint on the eyes.

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  4. Tom says:

    I agree with Camilla, Susan. Humpy is a word! Love your painting!

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  5. memadtwo says:

    I just love his whiskery face! N.

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  6. What an adorable face!
    I have never seen a camel in ‘real life,’ but I have heard they can be rather mean and can spit with great accuracy. But you camel looks quite friendly.
    I wish I could draw something as interesting as your camel.
    If I could, I might be able to make a children’s book.
    Years ago, when I was a teacher’s assistant in a preschool,I made a little construction paper that I attempted to illustrate. My daughter said that my spider looks like a tired M&M candy.
    Oh well. I posted one of the pages of my handmade book book. If you want to see my attempt at art, here it is:

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    • Susan Feniak says:

      Thank you Mary. Yes I have heard that camels can be mean but I prefer to create happy friendly versions of all animals. I have sometimes thought it would be fun to create a children’s book or at least illustrate one. Thank you for sharing yours.


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