World Watercolor Month 2020 Day 19

World Watercolor Month Day 19 prompt “Favorite Scent”. There are too many to choose one. I like everything from Mock Orange blossoms to tea roses. The smell of the ocean to freshly turned earth. Although the scent of a Stargazer Lily gets right up my husband’s nose I would have to say their perfume is a favorite of mine. Here is my take on a Stargazer Lily. This card is QoR watercolors and Pixma Micron ink on Strathmore card stock. To learn more about World Watercolor Month please visit While there remember to check out the shop. All proceeds benefit The Dreaming Zebra Foundation. Thank you.

To contact Susan about her art please email Please note all spam and scam emails will be deleted.

3 Comments on “World Watercolor Month 2020 Day 19”

  1. Halbarbera says:


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  2. memadtwo says:

    What beautiful pinks! (K)

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