I am pleased to say that “Grizz” is done and drying on my easel. He is rather a handsome fellow if I do say so myself. I hope when his owner sees the painting he will think so too. My only concern is that I have done Grizz justice and that he actually looks like he should or did when he was alive. I only had a photo to go by. The hazards of pet portraits. If nothing else my husband will gladly keep the painting and says he will proudly hang it in our house. See me smile? Painted with heart. Acrylic on 16″ x 16″ x 1.5″ canvas.

To contact Susan about her art please email Spam and scam emails will be deleted.

10 Comments on “Grizz”

  1. Well done Susan! I love that stare that dogs are famous for especially when there is a potential for a treat somewhere along the line. You captured that look in your portrait. Cheers from Ottawa.

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  2. Let's Cook says:

    Beautiful click
    Hi dear
    Would be glad if you follow my blog
    Would love to have you as friend
    Will follow your page too


  3. memadtwo says:

    You always capture both individuality and life in your animals. The green background is a good contrast too. (K)

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  4. Some think all Black Labrador’s look much the same….. maybe it is the Black that stops folk looking closely. Grizz looks lovely, I bet the owner will love it. Very different to our Carla, still loved and remembered, but despite the differences still reminds us of her 🙂

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    • Susan Feniak says:

      A person needs to look closely. Every dog has its own personality. Grizz’s owner is pleased with the painting. Whew! I am sure Carla is missed. We lost a dog more than 20 years ago to old age and we still remember our Daisy with much fondness. A true family member.


  5. Tom says:

    Lovely painting, Susan. 🙂
    It has a nice textured look to it… and those eyes are gorgeous!

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