“Tulip Glow”

Tulip Glow

I went with a totally different name than I originally thought. Just glad to finally have a title for my painting, “Tulip Glow”. Sometimes naming or giving a title to one’s art can be more difficult than it seems. Or even should be. I wanted to avoid the word “Spring” in the title simply because that seemed to limit the painting to one season. Why not enjoy a bright and cheerful painting all year long? Artist Susan Feniak. Acrylic on 18″ x 24″. Asking $250 plus shipping.

To ask Susan about this painting or any of her other paintings please email sfeniakart@gmail.com

6 Comments on ““Tulip Glow””

  1. Halbarbera says:

    Twelve tulips do so grow and glow…

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  2. I agree, I think the title of a piece is very important. This seems like a perfect name for it!

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  3. Gorgeous Susan! Spring is almost here…your painting reminds us it won’t be long before we see beautiful colours again in our flowerbeds.

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