Forging ahead… with “Tropical Daze”

“Tropical Daze”

Celebrating 10 years, here on WordPress.

“Tropical Daze” is the title I have given to my latest fun painting. After another set back I am forging ahead with my art. I won’t let rejection get me down, not this gal. This is a brand new painting on my easel, still drying. I certainly enjoyed using my palette knife while creating this piece. I used a palette almost exclusively. There is very little brush work. I did make use of some cheesecloth to add different texture, especially to the clouds. All in all great fun. It seems that these days if I am not thinking about spring I am thinking about some tropical paradise. Or so it would seem by my artistic endeavors. My new easel is no longer new looking. Tropical Daze is acrylic and gloss medium on a 20″ x 20″ gallery canvas, framed with a metal white frame. Asking $200

If you want to learn more about my art please contact Susan at I will not respond to scam emails.

9 Comments on “Forging ahead… with “Tropical Daze””

  1. jofox9973 says:

    Oooo – this one has a lovely feel to it!

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  2. memadtwo says:

    Dreamy…I long for the sea too. Maybe this summer. (K)

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  3. Congratulations Susan! It will be 6 year for me soon. Time sure does fly! I will continue to enjoy reading your posts and viewing your art here and on Instagram. Cheers!

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  4. Tom says:

    I very often think about tropical paradises, Susan! Your painting looks like a welcoming beach waiting to be explored for the very first time!
    Happy Blogoversary! 😃

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