My oh my! Finished

🔴 My oh my!

“My oh my!” My Iris painting is finished. It was a challenge with a few revisions and many hours spent at my easel. The reward? Well the painting itself of course and before I could finish it, it sold! Its always so reassuring to have someone love your creation enough to hang it in their personal space. See me smile? Thank you to the purchaser. I know “My oh my!” is going to a very good home.

Artist Susan Feniak. Golden Artist Acrylics on a 20″ x 20″ gallery canvas. Because it has sold I can now buy more art supplies to do more art.

6 Comments on “My oh my! Finished”

  1. Well done, Susan. That must be a great feeling to sell so quick!

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  2. pattyanneart says:

    Beautiful work, Susan! 💜

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  3. Tom says:

    Nice colours, Susan… and well done on your sale again! 🙂

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