Busy times…

Dan’s Canvas and Sail SOLD
Haven Point Cabin SOLD
Raven Trail Autumn available for sale at Three Buoys Marina
Raven Trail Birch is available for sale at Three Buoys Marina

Busy times… Recently two of my paintings found new homes. Thank you to the buyers. It is always wonderful to have paintings find appreciative buyers and new homes. Two more of my paintings are now available at Three Buoys Marina on Riverside Ave in Sicamous. I have discounted prices for an end of season sale. Cheers Susan.

To contact Susan about her art please email sfeniakart@gmail.com

I’ve been on hiatus…

My husband and I enjoyed our ten days off. We spent our vacation on our houseboat at Robert’s Bay Provincial Park Shuswap Lake British Columbia. I took many photos. These are only a few. We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful area of Canada. Proud to be Canadian! Especially during these challenging times. Cheers Susan Feniak

” Bessy”

Meet “Bessy”. Original art by Susan Feniak.  Bessy is another first for me, a cow portrait. Why not? I must admit I rather enjoyed creating her. Have a marvelous weekend everyone. PEACE.

Holbein Artists water colors on Canson Aquarelle cold press paper.  9″×11″

“The Stand”

original art by Susan Feniak  acrylic on 24” x 24” canvas

Just a little something I have been working on.  I have been  discovering some great places to walk around our new home in Salmon Arm.  It amazes me just how many trails there are.  While out and about on these nature trails I am getting inspired.  This painting is based on yet another photo that  I took  this past summer.  Pretty sure there will be more to inspire  me as I investigate our new surroundings.

Cheers, Susan Feniak

IMG_20151026_162846617 (3)


Original art by Susan Feniak  acrylic on 12” x 12” box canvas.   Rarely do we have a winter day that inspires me to paint a snowy scene.  But the other day we had a stellar one.  Unlike most days in our neck of the woods it was sun filled, bright and crisp.  There was a snowfall the previous night and then the temperature plummeted.  Leaving behind a thick intact layer of snow on all the trees.  This could be our yard or just over there……  It was a beautiful scene.  Happy New Year!  This is the first painting of 2015.  Here is hoping for a productive year.

Cheers, Susan Feniak


Another Given Away

012 It is now safe for me to announce that this painting was given to my Mother as a Christmas present this year. Mother didn’t have a painting of mine so I guess that was past due!

“A Birds Eye View”

original art By Susan Feniak  acrylic on 24” x 36” canvas

A bit of whimsy for all of you and my imagination at work.  Picture if you will a grassy field smattered with wild flowers.  Countless birds happily singing and flitting about.  This painting is how that field would look threw the eye of a bird.  Or as I imagine it would.  Hopefully you can picture this bright sunny day too.  As you may be able to tell I am thinking of sun filled days and missing the colors, sounds, smells and warmth of them.  A happy place!

Cheers, Susan Feniak


Another in progress

Original art in progress on my easel. by Susan Feniak    I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I am just wasting time around here!!!  See me smile?  But due to another sleepless night.  (Being sleepless is just me being me.)  I came up with an idea for a new painting.  Since I didn’t feel well enough equipped to attempt much of anything else today I decided to put said idea onto canvas.  This is the biggest canvas I have tackle in a while and did I ever have fun with my brushes and paints.  Almost enough to make me forget all about the sleepless night!  There is a lot more left to do but the painting is of the world as a bird might see it. A Birds Eye View.

Cheers, Susan Feniak



A Favoured Pastime

original art by Susan Feniak acrylic on 12” x 12” box canvas

As a child I loved to spend hours on a swing.  Day dreamer that I was!  To this day I consider flying threw the air on a swing, “A Favoured Pastime”.  In my world this scene is idyllic. Available for $45 plus shipping


A Wee Sketch

original art by Susan Feniak  Meet “Doink”  Another of the Killdeer chicks.  I promise to get serious soon and change things up but in the meantime I am having fun with the chicks!!