SOLD Mara Morning

SOLD My painting “Mara Morning” at Gallery One Fifty in Sicamous. Thank you to the new owners. I am pleased it found a new home and hope you enjoy it for years to come. It’s always reassuring to learn that someone likes what you put on canvas enough to hang it on their wall in their own home. Mara Morning is the view I get to enjoy every day during the summer. It’s a part of me and who I am. Cheers Susan Feniak

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Given to a good home!

004_thumb.jpg “Doink” the Killdeer chick was matted, framed and given away as a birthday present. Since the recipient was one of the couple who encouraged me to paint Killdeer chicks in the first place I thought she should have at least one of them. I do know Doink has gone to an appreciative home. Cheers, Susan