“Hello There!”

Hello There! I am volunteering at Gallery One Fifty in Sicamous for the next two days. I have busy creating in between visitors. I hope these two make you smile.

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Taking a cue from Charlie O’Shields of Doodlewash.com new nature sketching stuff activity book I did this owl. There are a lot of sketching and watercolor painting tips, ideas and activities in his book. It is good for any age young and even oldish like me. If you are an experienced artist or want to give art a chance for the first time, give this book a try. Charlie is right we were all born with the ability to draw, color and create art. Owl created by me, artist Susan Feniak. Watercolor and ink on Strathmore card stock.

To contact me sfeniakart@gmail.com


“Kingfisher” Artist Susan Feniak. Watercolor and ink on paper. I was happy to spot a pair of Kingfishers near our boat this weekend. They were busily doing what they do best, fishing. They sit and watch the water then of a sudden will dive beak first into the water. Usually loners like our neighborhood heron a pair seemed like a bonus. Next I will have to attempt painting the local raptor an Osprey.

#NatureDoodlewash Otter

June 30th 2016  This is the final day of the month and for #NatureDoodlewash.  Today I have gone back to the beach for a walk.  I look out onto the water and there I see an Otter!  He is having a lot of fun frolicking in the waves.  Have you ever been entertained by an Otter?  It is a joyful experience.

#NatureDoodlewash  Otter Original art by Susan Feniak using  Holdbein Artists’ Water Colors on Canson Mix Media 7″ x 10″ paper. I had a new toy to play with today, Faber Castel Pitt artist pen, black.  I have four sizes.

Once again I would like to thank Charlie O’Shields at doodlewash.wordpress.com for his imagination and inspiration creating the doodlewash a day forum.  Next month, July, Charlie has welcomed us all to join in on his #WorldWatercolorMonth.  There are many joining in on the fun and I hope you can too.  You can find more information on Charlie’s blog, Facebook or Instagram.  Or doodlewash.comIMG_20160630_135913

#NatureDoodlewash Cute and Fuzzy

June 28th  Since we are still in Scotland we will go for a nature walk in the Highlands today.  Here we will come across the most common of sights, sheep.  They are everywhere, its their grass, their hills and even their road.  These two were only slightly curious of our approach so apparently people are common here too.

#NatureDoodlewash  original art by Susan Feniak  Holbein Artists’ Water Color,  Staedtler Water Color Pencils on Canson Mix Media 7” x 10” paper


#Naturedoodlewash More tenacity!

June 22  Can a walk about Edinburgh castle be considered a Nature walk?  There are grassy bits, gardens and ramparts to walk about on so I hope so.  They have some lovely rose gardens at Edinburgh Castle as well.  My doodlewash today is based on a photo my Aunt took while at Edinburgh Castle.  It speaks volumes to me.  A long since silent battlement is home to a rather tenacious yellow daisy.  Think, a canon used to be fired from that window.  Guns can be silenced.  Peace.

Photo by Helen Worley.  Painting by Susan Feniak


#NatureDoodlewash A surprise!

June 21  Imagine if you will going around a corner on you favourite nature trail and coming across one of these guys.  A black bear.  Staring back at you, midstride, mid trail.  All stop.  You find yourself muttering a few choice unrepeatable words.  What to do?  Make noise, look big!  Ya, make noise look big!!  The black bear is just as startled.  He high tails it into the woods and you do an about face and walk as briskly as humanly possible in the opposite direction from whence you came.  A true story.  Talk about an adrenalin rush.  Where is a camera when you need it?  I don’t think I would have even had a chance to take a picture it all happened rather quickly.

#NatureDoodlewash  Quick sketch on Canson Mix Media 7” x 10” paper with Holbein Artists Water Color and Neocolor II  original art by Susan Feniak


#NatureDoodlewash Another sea

June 20  Today my walk took me to another kind of sea.  A field full of wild flowers.  Its a rather hilly patch of land.  Mainly covered by white daisies, clover and assorted other grasses and weeds but it all reminded me of a rolling ocean.

#NatureDoodlewash original art by Susan Feniak  Holdbein Artists Water Color on Opus Finest Watercolour Pad  7.5”x 11” and the usual Pigma Micron Archival Ink.  I am loving my Pure Kolinsky H.I. Series 170 brushes.  Just sayin’


#NatureDoodlewash Lady Bug

June 19  On my nature walk today I came across a Lady Bug or Lady Bird.  No aphids are safe in you garden with these bugs around.  Someone once told me that Lady Bugs are good luck.  Seems to me a lot of things are supposed to bring you good luck.  I suppose it is okay to believe, why not?  One thing is for certain whenever I come across a Lady Bug I treat her with respect.  I will even go to great lengths to rescue one trapped indoors.

Time was at a premium for todays #NatureDoodlewash   Neocolor II Caran D’Ache and Holdbein Artists Water Color on Canson Mix Media 7”x10” paper  Original art by Susan Feniak

Next month is Water Colour Month.  To see what that is all about check out Doodlewash.com or visit Charlie O’Shields at Doodlewash.wordpress.com


#NatureDoodlewash Sand Dollar

June 15  Today we will go for another walk along the sea shore.  No we are not going to the Caribbean today.  Instead we are going to a beach on the west coast of British Columbia.  There is lots to see here too.  Natures beauty abounds.  Perchance we will come across a sand dollar.  A sand dollar is a burrowing form of a flat sea urchin.  Did you know if you find one they are good luck?  Today we have come across one that has washed up along the shore and has turned white.  A live sand dollar will be darker, brownish black or purple.  So we can pick this one up and take it home.  A lovely memory from our walk today.

#NatureDoodlewash  on Strathmore Water Color 8.5” x 5.5” paper with Staedtler Watercolour Pencils, Elegant writer and Holbein Artists’ Water Color.  Original art By Susan Feniak