#NatureDoodlewash Lady Bug

June 19  On my nature walk today I came across a Lady Bug or Lady Bird.  No aphids are safe in you garden with these bugs around.  Someone once told me that Lady Bugs are good luck.  Seems to me a lot of things are supposed to bring you good luck.  I suppose it is okay to believe, why not?  One thing is for certain whenever I come across a Lady Bug I treat her with respect.  I will even go to great lengths to rescue one trapped indoors.

Time was at a premium for todays #NatureDoodlewash   Neocolor II Caran D’Ache and Holdbein Artists Water Color on Canson Mix Media 7”x10” paper  Original art by Susan Feniak

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#NatureDoodlewash Tree Swallow

June 14  This could actually be another scene from the aft deck of our boat.  A pair of tree swallows have built a nest inside a hole in a piling on our dock.  We have enjoyed watching them coming and going busily feeding a nest full of young.  On occasion the pair appear to be having words over how to raise and feed their young with a great deal of bickering back and forth.  But soon they go back to busily coming and going.  A cacophony arises from the nest with each trip.   The youngsters have all left the nest now.  But it would appear the couple are preparing for another batch.  The cycle will begin again and we will be entertained some more.

#NatureDoodlewash  Once again I have used Neocolor II Caran D’Ache combined with Gallery Mungyo Watercolor Crayons.  I really need to get myself a bigger collection of Neos!!  Original art by Susan Feniak  on Canson Mix Media 7” x 10” paper

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#NatureDoodlewash Conch Shell

June 13  Today I share a memory of a walk along the beach, of sun drenched white sand and palm trees rustling in the warm breeze.  Today I bring you a conch shell from that walk.   If I hold the shell up to my ear I can still hear the Caribbean.  In my world this memory is of the ultimate nature walk.

#NatureDoodlewash  was accomplished with Neocolor II Caran D’Ache and Gallery Mungyo Watercolor Crayon on Canson Mix Media 7” x 10” paper.  Original art by Susan Feniak

Thank you to Charlie O’Shields at Doodlewash.wordpress.com for inviting us on a month long nature adventure.


#NatureDoodlewash Butterfly

June 9th   Today I have decided to stay closer to home and go for a walk in the garden.  I inspect all my flowers and shrubs and make sure they are thriving in this heat wave.  To my great joy and wonder a butterfly stops by for a visit.   Flitting from flower to bud.  Hardly stopping long enough for me to see  its shape and colors.  How can I remember how to draw that?  If only my butterfly bush had survived the winter, then maybe my visitor would have stayed longer.

#NatureDoodlewash  A combination of Staedtler Watercolour Pencils and Neocolor II Caran D’Ache on Opus Essentials Sketchbook paper.  Original art by Susan Feniak

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#DoodlewashDinner May 25th Wine Day

It has been brought to my attention that there is a bit of a problem at our party.  A shortage of wine.  I have been known to be a problem solver and the shortage may be due mainly because I wouldn’t share my wine last week.  I have decided to make up for the shortfall by bringing a box of wine to our #DoodlewashDinner.   It is National Wine Day, so why not?  Lets celebrate!  Problem solved right?  Wait a minute, it would seem the red wine drinkers may have a complaint now.  Oh dear.

My #DoodlewashDinner  today was done as per usual on Opus Essentials Sketchbook with Neocolor II Caran D’Ache  by me Susan Feniak  I have tried not to infringe on any copyright or trademarks.  I must say it is an excellent wine and very much enjoyed at this house.  Even out of a box.

Thank you once again to Charlie O’Shields at doodlewash.wordpress.com for making this another fun month of doodlewashing.


#DoodlewashDinner May 17th

Today I am bringing to the table my favourite bottle of wine.  And my biggest glass.  So be careful there may not be enough to go around!  I do share but within reason!!  Because I am not sure if I should post name brands I will keep myself out of trouble by hinting at its name with the design of the label.  That being said I am sure they wouldn’t mind a little free advertising.  It is a delicious wine with a citrus flavour that only New Zealand can provide.  Cheers!  Susan

This #DoodlewashDinner is done on Opus Essentials Sketchbook paper with Neocolor II  Caran D’Ache and Gallery Mungyo Watercolor crayons by Susan Feniak

Charlie O’Shields has invited us all to dinner this month to see what its all about you can visit him at doodlewash.wordpress.com  So far there is a wide and varied selection of goodies to tickle our taste buds and get our mouths salivating.


#DoodlewashDinner Barbecue Day!

May 16 Is barbecue day and as it so happens our house guest has asked for barbecue.  Lucky coincidence I should say!!  We are happy to oblige with a barbecued home made beef patty with lettuce, cheese, tomato and a beauty of a pickle served up on a big gooey bun.  Looks good enough to eat.

#DoodlewashDinner  on Opus Essentials Sketchbook with Neocolor II Caran D’Ache watercolor crayons by Susan Feniak

#DoodlewashDinner is Charlie O’Shields brain child.  You can visit him at doodlewash.wordpress.com  It is fun sketching and painting food but I must say it makes me hungry!!


Blossom Time

original art by Susan Feniak  Gallery Mungyo Watercolor Crayons, Neocolor II Caran D’Ache  on Cold press Strathmore 8.5” x 5.5” paper

A wee painting to share today.  I am inspired by all the flowers and blossoms of the moment.  Our hotter then normal spring has everything out in bloom.  Its going to be done and over with before it is supposed to even start!


#DoodlewashDinner May 15

After a couple of days of polishing, waxing and cleaning our boat I am home.  But at least the boat is ready for the boating season!!  Yay!!   Work has gotten in the way of fun stuff today so, only time for a the quickest of the quickest doodlewashes, a Rootbeer float.

#DoodlewashDinner on Opus Essentials Sketchbook with Neocolor II Caran D’Ache by Susan Feniak


#DoodlewashDinner May 12

Lemons!  I finally remembered we needed some lemons for our party!  They will go well with that shrimp and of course the ground salmon wrapped with fillets of sole.  I would like some lemon in my water and the beer that came with pizza night.  Yummy!!  Has anyone brought ice tea yet?  Or lemonade?

#DoodlewashDinner  is a project inspired by Charlie O’Shields over at doolewash.wordpress.com  A month long party of food, he couldn’t go wrong!  My lemons were done on Opus Essentials Sketchbook paper with Neocolor II Caran D’Ache

Original art by Susan Feniak