World Watercolor Month Day 10

World Watercolor Month Day 10 prompt “Hushed”. To me a sea turtle glides through the sea, quietly unintrusively, hushed. Artist Susan Feniak. QoR watercolors and ink on Strathmore card stock. 4″×6″ My cards are all one of a kind, original, individually hand painted frame able art. I do not make prints.

World Watercolor Month 2020 Day 22

World Watercolor Month Day 22 prompt “Valuable”. You can’t put a value on life. I consider life valuable. My mind wandered to our oceans and our endangered species there. Those species are important to our survival. We have to start caring for them. Taking care of each other during these difficult times is a step in the right direction. Value life. To learn more about World Watercolor Month please visit While there check out the shop. All proceeds benefit The Dreaming Zebra Foundation. Thank you. My Tortuga is QoR watercolors and ink on Strathmore card stock.

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Shine On

I am excited because I had my painting “Shine On” a.k.a. “Trudy Tortuga” printed on canvas shopping bags. As you may know I do not make prints of my art. I made an exception this time. I support living a sustainable life style. Reusable shopping bags is a big part of that sustainability. The original painting Shine On is staying in my private collection. Therefore no one can be upset that I made copies of a painting they have bought. There were 7 bags available. I am down to three. So Trudy is a popular tortuga. She remains a favourite of mine and greets visitors at our door with her smile. Hopefully we can have visitors again one day soon. Stay well my friends.

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“Shine On”

“Shine On”. This is how I deal with the cold snowy days of our Canadian winter. I dream of a sunny warmer climate and swimming with a smiling Tortuga. And then create that scene on my easel. I hope Shine On makes you feel warm and cozy. If a tortuga can smile then so can we. No matter what. Artist Susan Feniak. Golden Artist Acrylics on 24″ x 24″ canvas. I may have to keep this one for a little while. An update: since posting this my tortuga has been given a name, Trudy. Trudy now greets everyone entering our front door with her smile.

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More fun with my watercolor and ink. I still love sea turtles. Or as I refer to them tortugas. Princess is only a name I gave this one. Artist Susan Feniak. Koi watercolor white gelly roll and pigma micron ink. A reminder perhaps the worlds sea turtle population is in trouble.

“Sea Turtle” #worldwatercolorgroup 

“Sea Turtle ” a.k.a. Tortuga original art by Susan Feniak.  Today’s prompt  was “Bugs”. I opted for something more appealing for my eyes and mind. Happy Monday. PEACE

Holbein Artists water colors on Fabriano hot press paper. 8″×10″