Bridge at Inveraray

Original art by Susan Feniak  acrylic on 24” x 36” box canvas

No frame needed asking price $200.00

Scotland.  Another muse?  After being to Scotland three times this scene is a particular favorite of mine. My third attempt at painting it!  Hopefully I have been more successful capturing the essence of Scotland and Inveraray with this version then I did with my first two attempts. I will admit that perhaps I tackled the first two a tad early for a beginner.  I may just post a comparison sometime to prove my point.

This is a bigger then usual canvas for me and I took my time.  A lot of time!  The bridge does indeed have that blue tinge to it.

Now I better get back to reality and work!

As always your comments are welcome.  This painting is for sale although you may have to wrestle it out of my hands!  That being said my husband would probably gladly give it away!