Happy Mothers Day 2021

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day! This is the card I made for my 94 year old Mum. I hope that all the Mum’s out there have a beautiful day. Cheers Susan

Day 29 World Watercolor Month

Day 29 World Watercolor Month. The prompt Glorious Green.

Day 26 World Watercolor Month

Day 26 World Watercolor Month. Prompt? Natural Wonders. To me a hummingbird is a natural wonder.

“Shaggy Beast”

Another sketch book filled by this shaggy beast. I had fun creating this stylised highland cow. Artist Susan Feniak. QoR watercolor and ink on Opus Finest Paper.

Happy 2019

Have a happy healthy and creative 2019. Cheers Susan Feniak. PEACE.


More fun with my watercolor and ink. I still love sea turtles. Or as I refer to them tortugas. Princess is only a name I gave this one. Artist Susan Feniak. Koi watercolor white gelly roll and pigma micron ink. A reminder perhaps the worlds sea turtle population is in trouble.

Poppy Crazed

Recently I received a card from a dear friend. That card inspired me. It is a watercolor by “Kate Larsson Watercolors “,”Bold Poppies”. This is my spin on that card. Artist Susan Feniak. Windsor Newton Cotman Watercolors on Strathmore paper. 9″×12″ SOLD

#WorldWatercolorMonth “Little Worrier”

IMG_20160711_082951#WorldWatercolorMonth “Little Worrier”  I found myself wondering what to paint for todays post around 2 a.m.  A silly time to be wondering such things I know but this is me we are talking about.  Meet Little Miss Worrier!  She is the first dog I have ever painted.  Happy Monday! Peace.

#WorldWatercolorMonth original art by Susan Feniak  Holbein Artists’ Water Color on Opus Finest Watercolour 7.5″ x 11″ pad with Faber Castell Pitt artist pen and white jelly rol.

#WorldWatercolorMonth “Waiting for Sunshine”

IMG_20160709_122335#WorldWatercolorMonth  “Waiting For Sunshine”  I think the name says it all.  We waited.  The sun returned this morning when we had to go back to work!!  Happy Sunday everyone.  Original sketch by Susan Feniak  Koi watercolor on Moleskine.

#WorldWatercolorMonth “Seeing Double”

#WorldWatercolorMonth “Seeing Double” original art by Susan Feniak Koi watercolors, Faber Castell PITT artist pen on Opus Finest Watercolour 7.5″ x 11″ pad.  Back from another soggy weekend of boating with plenty of time for some art. This is one of the results. Hope you are all having a great weekend. Cheers, SusanIMG_20160709_131947