Continuing Water Theme

SOLD! A new watercolor completed. My watery theme continues with another lighthouse. “When It’s Calm”. At the moment this looks like a tranquil spot. But my imagination tells me it can get wild, battered by storms. Why else have a lighthouse to warn unwary ships? Please do tell me what you think.

Artist Susan Feniak. QoR watercolors and Pixma Micron 02 ink on Fabriano 9.5″ x 12.5″ paper.

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#NatureDoodlewash Butterfly

June 9th   Today I have decided to stay closer to home and go for a walk in the garden.  I inspect all my flowers and shrubs and make sure they are thriving in this heat wave.  To my great joy and wonder a butterfly stops by for a visit.   Flitting from flower to bud.  Hardly stopping long enough for me to see  its shape and colors.  How can I remember how to draw that?  If only my butterfly bush had survived the winter, then maybe my visitor would have stayed longer.

#NatureDoodlewash  A combination of Staedtler Watercolour Pencils and Neocolor II Caran D’Ache on Opus Essentials Sketchbook paper.  Original art by Susan Feniak

If you want to join in on the #NatureDoodlewash walks and hikes stop by Charlie O’Shields at and see what is happening.


#SelfieArt Susan at Work!

original sketch by Susan Feniak ,water colour pencils on paper.  It will be the 25th day of the month tomorrow and time for #SelfieArt.  Since I haven’t heard or read otherwise I am assuming it is that time again.  I will be hard at work tomorrow so I thought it best to post my attempt today.  It is a very quick sketch of me at my desk.  Because my office/studio is in our basement I have surrounded myself by favourite art, pictures, photos, antique plates and a bulletin board along with everything else that is colourful and enjoyable to me.  It all makes for a more pleasant working environment.   Much better then just a computer screen, calculator, printer/scanner, files, papers, and other paraphernalia that a bookkeeper needs.   Oops I better adjust all the paintings that have gotten crooked!   Even the 2016 Calendar isn’t hanging straight!  Oh and for those not in the know, January 25th is also Robbie Burns Day!!


Christmas Greetings 2015

Original art by Susan Feniak  water colour pencil, water colours, elegant marker, and ink.

Merry Christmas wishes.  The Winter Chickadees have been busy!  A magical time indeed.  I hope all of you my blogging friends and supporters have a very happy time with family and friends. Cheers, Susan

Painting Chickadee Christmas

Winter Chickadees

original art by Susan Feniak  water colour pencil on paper  Tomorrow is Draw a Bird Day but I have gone bird crazy here so am able to post this one today and another is ready for the official day.  These two look as impressed with the fact that it is winter as I am.  Grumpy?  No matter, it is winter and there is nothing they or I can do about it.  Cheer up!!  At least they don’t have a dump of snow on them like my cardinals do!

Winter Chickadees 2

Quick Lets Go South

I decided to take a day off from all the pre Christmas fun and games of shopping, decorating, baking, wrapping, cleaning, entertaining and all the other things associated with that upcoming event.  Time to do some art.  Now that is a switch!! Time for art??  Since it is a rather soggy sunless day in these parts I came up with a plan to paint a pair of cardinals.  You know, just to get me into a better Christmas frame of mind.  One thing led to another and the next thing I knew the cardinals were looking a little too snow bound and frazzled.  Ergo, “Quick Lets Go South”!!  I like to think the one cardinal is pointing in that direction.  It looks to me like he is. Enjoy!  Cheers, Susan

original art by Susan Feniak  water colour pencils on paper