Day 19 World Watercolor Month

Day 19 SOLD World Watercolor Month and the prompt Splashes of Color was nothing but fun for this colour loving gal. The splashing part was even more enjoyable. Considering me and my usual style this is a loosely done painting.

Day 16 World Watercolor Month

Day 16 World Watercolor Month with the prompt Relaxing. Every home needs a big old chair to curl up in. To read or let the imagination fly. Or just relax in, a comfort zone to put your feet up and chill.

“Taking Flight”

original art by Susan Feniak   NeocolorCaran D’Ache and Gallery Mungyo Watercolor Crayons on paper

Having fun with my new toys, and I do mean having fun!!  Yesterday was a stellar day.  So I spent some time out on our deck in the sunshine scribbling in my sketch book.  This is the end result.  A Steller’s Jay taking flight.   I hope you have a stellar day!!  Cheers, Susan