“Perky in Purple”

🔴 SOLD Perky in Purple

Finished! “Perky in Purple”. Although I started this painting in 2021, I consider it my first painting of 2022. Artist Susan Feniak. Photo reference credit to my very talented Aunt, photographer, Helen Worley. Golden Artist Colors on a 16″ x 16″ gallery canvas.

This painting is available. Asking $150 Cdn plus shipping. Please contact Susan at sfeniakart@gmail.com

2 Comments on ““Perky in Purple””

  1. Gorgeous! I love your hydrangeas. You are already thinking spring and no wonder…all the wintry weather you have had out west! I think you have had more cold and snow than we have had in eastern Ontario!

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    • Susan Feniak says:

      Thank you Louise. I try to think about spring and warmer weather to avoid what’s going on outside. I am not a lover of winter. It’s finally trying to warm up today. It has indeed been unusually cold and snowy. Hopefully your winter remains calm.


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