“Flat Bottom Gals”

Flat Bottom Gals

“Flat Bottom Gals” is my latest acrylic painting on a 20″ x 20″ gallery canvas. A string of boats waiting for hire. Colorful, bright and cheerful. Hard to resist. I couldn’t resist the name I gave to this painting either. It’s fun too. We can all use a bit of happy these days. Right?

This painting started as a completely different idea and morphed into this. I am glad this is how it goes. One never knows where the idea or paint brushes will go…nor where ones imagination will take them.

If you are interested in this painting please message me at sfeniakart@gmail.com I am asking $250 cdn plus shipping . It’s original and I do not make copies or prints of my art.

4 Comments on ““Flat Bottom Gals””

  1. Nice painting of the boats, it reminds me a lot of the Venice Lagoon, the way how the boats are tied to the big sticks. I really like how you used red and blue, and if I was at that locale, I’d love to rent one of those boats for an afternoon.

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  2. Tom says:

    I love it when ideas start to run away, Susan! And you’re right… this is a happy, cheerful painting with a fun name.

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